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S.L.A.Y. Your Negotiation™ with a Narcissist is your step-by-step framework to feeling powerful and in control when dealing with the most toxic personality on the planet!      

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When you buy our product you can expect extraordinary customer service to make sure you gain access if you need extra help. You can count on the quality of our content and we do everything we can to ensure that you gain immediate access and will address any problems within 2 business days. This course was created thoughtfully, putting together many years of skill and experience, many hours of time and effort, and you gain instant benefit as the entire course is available immediately upon purchase. Thus, in fairness to all, we do not issue any refunds.   
  • The ONLY 4 hour Step by Step Crash Course designed by a Top 1% attorney that takes you from where to begin all the way to a win.  
  • ​Learn how to create leverage to motivate any narcissist or high conflict personality to want to give you what you want.  
  • ​Create a powerful and specific strategy and take away the fear of the unknown 
  • Get easy to implement, immediately usable tactics and communication skills for persuading even the most powerful or difficult people
  • BONUS:  My Exclusive 50 Key Phrases to Disarm a Narcissist 
  • BONUS:  Find the Right Attorney:  Questions for Vetting an Attorney When Dealing with a Narcissist 
  • ​BONUS:  Access to exclusive NarcSlayers™ Facebook group for support and connection

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"Feel totally confident and empowered throughout the entire process"

I never felt like I would ever be able to win against the narcissist.   Through creating a real winning strategy, we were able to turn the tables around so fast, that none of us really realized what happened.   I am still in shock and so thrilled about how it all finally turned out.   

"Actual real-world skills that you can start using immediately."

Anyone can use and start using this information with success without delay. The tips are simple and real-world, so they are easy to understand and easy to implement.  I went from feeling helpless and abused to feeling strong, decisive and in control right away.  
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